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We are excited to announce the new Church of the Saviour Magazine! Church of the Saviour Magazine is a quarterly article-based magazine that will be emailed to our congregation - there will also be printed copies available in the building each week. (This magazine is going to take the place of the Monthly Circuit Rider). We will have 5 editions in 2023: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall and Advent. If you, or someone from your organization would like to contribute to the next issue, please contact Director of Communication, Samantha Stanford Zeisler at

Church of the Saviour has two regular newsletters. Each week, a short newsletter, our Weekly Newsflash, is distributed via email.

It contains the calendar for the next week, upcoming events and any key announcements.  Our quarterly newsletter, the Church of the Saviour Magazine, is distributed both by US Mail and email. This is a much larger publication containing A Note from the Pastor, upcoming events, columns, announcements, articles of interest to the congregation, and much more.

You can sign up to receive both here, and the past Magazines (previously known as the Circuit Rider) are also available below, just click on the issue you'd like! If you’re looking for an older newsletter than what’s available here, contact the church office.

Did you inadvertently click on “Unsubscribe” at the bottom of one of our emails?  If so, contact the church office.

Feedback always welcomed, just click here to send us an email or call the church office, (513) 791-3142.

Summer 2023 COS Magazine

Spring 2023 COS Magazine

Winter 2023 COS Magazine

December 2022 Circuit Rider

November 2022 Circuit Rider

October 2022 Circuit Rider

August 2022 Circuit Rider

Summer 2022 Circuit Rider


May 2022 Circuit Rider

April 2022 Circuit Rider


March 2022 Circuit Rider

February 2022 Circuit Rider

January 2022 Circuit Rider

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