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A family wakes up early. Everyone has somewhere to be. Mom and Dad have to get themselves ready for work. But they must also focus on getting the kids out the door to catch the school bus. Everyone needs to eat breakfast, get dressed, pack lunches, get instruments or sports equipment together. Even the dog needs to get out the door for her morning walk. A couple hours later…success! Everyone made it.


Fast forward to late afternoon. Everyone comes home at different times. Some straight from work or school, some later after practices. The hurry continues. Sometime during the afternoon/evening hours, everyone needs to eat dinner. There definitely won’t be time to do that together. Johnny needs to get to soccer practice and Sally has rehearsal for the upcoming recital.


Maybe there will be time to throw in a load of laundry or take the trash out. Or maybe that stuff will have to wait for another, less hurried day.


Throughout the evening, phones frequently interrupt conversations. Messages from work must be answered. Last minute changes to a practice location requires a carpool reroute.


Finally, everyone is home for the night. It’s time to work on homework and begin to prep for the next day. Baths, reading time, and the dishes need to be done. Mom takes a few minutes to order some Christmas gifts online. She’ll worry about how that fits in the budget later.


Kids are in bed. The dog has been walked and fed. Mom and Dad try to catch their breath for just a few minutes. Then, they hurry to bed themselves.


Can you relate to this family? Maybe it’s a perfect description of your typical day. Or maybe your day is different, yet also hurried.


We live in a world full of opportunities. Full of activities to fill our days. Full of positive events for our kids and ourselves to take part in. So we hurry. We go from one thing to the next, to the next, to the next. We don’t want to miss a thing.


But, what are we actually missing in this process? Are you longing for something different? What could life be like free from hurry?


Peace House Ministries is offering an opportunity to explore a different way of being: Unhurried.


Hurry is the feeling we have when we fear that we don’t have enough time. We feel a loss of control and a need to move faster. When we hurry, it’s as if we’re inside a hurricane.


On the other hand, Unhurried is a state of being where we move with confidence that all is well. There is no longer a fear that time will run out, but a sense of calm.


There’s a profound difference between moving quickly and being in a hurry. We can move quickly and intentionally, but not be hurried.


Join us for a morning retreat on January 27, 2024 from 9 a.m. to noon.


Together we’ll rest, reflect, and reconstruct.



Take an intentional break from the hustle and hurry of everyday life. We’ll put our schedules and electronics aside as we allow our minds and bodies to rest.



Consider the state of your mind and your life right now. What aspects of your life feel hurried? How is the state of hurry keeping you from union with Christ? We won’t attempt to change the world around us. We can’t really tame the hurricane. But can we exist differently within it?



Visualize how you can become unhurried. A few hours certainly isn’t enough time to solve the problem. But it’s a start. You’ll be invited to explore ways you can find peace in the chaos. Find ways to continue moving through your life with intention, but without fear or hurry.


Our family in the introduction is fictional. But your family is real. If your days are filled with hurry and fear, it’s time to reclaim your peace. To grow closer to Christ. To become Unhurried.


Click here to register for the Unhurried Retreat. Or, reach out to Pastor Meschach at with questions.

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