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Sisters and Brothers in Christ,


As we head towards the Fall, life at Church of the Saviour (COS) is now in full swing again. This means our halls are filled with preschoolers, our music ministries are fully engaged, children and youth programming is back from their summer hiatus, and adult small groups are back in session.


I hope that you have prioritized participating in at least one of the opportunities we have to offer. If you’re still considering which one is for you, you’re welcome to join me and a few others to watch The Chosen, every Wednesday from 6-7:30pm, in the youth room, until October 25th.


The return of Fall programs and events also marks our annual stewardship campaign. This year, our focus will be on giving as part of our spiritual DNA. Since July we have been in a sermon series titled, “Introducing,” where we have learned from the lives of lesser-known biblical characters like Blind Bartimaeus, Jabez, the Syrophoenician woman, and others. As we shift towards the stewardship campaign, we will begin focusing on biblical characters that teach us about stewardship.


We will be introduced to the Widow of Zarephath, an exemplar of generosity, even amidst scarcity; we will meet four people with leprosy  who resisted the allure of greed, thereby ushering deliverance to Israel. We will also learn from Moses' first stewardship campaign; and, finally, the tale of Jesus and a young boy will teach us of the profound significance of our offerings even when they appear modest.


In essence, these narratives will remind us that our motivation for giving is anchored neither in fleeting emotions nor in the anticipation of rewards; rather, we give because it is an intrinsic facet of our being. Generosity is encoded in our very DNA, woven into the fabric of our kingdom culture, and ingrained in our way of life. "For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son…" In other words, giving is a vital part of our habitus (I had to sneak the word in)! It serves as a tangible expression of the divine nature that the Holy Spirit has birthed within us. This is what we’ll be focusing on this September; so, in the words of Andy Sweeney, “Get Pumped!!!”


While our stewardship campaign will culminate in the commitment of pledges that will help shape next year's budget, please know that our emphasis extends beyond financial contributions.


Many of you actively participated in our Deliberate Dialogue sessions over the past year, sharing insights into your connection with COS and how the church has impacted your life as a disciple of Jesus. Your voices were heard, and our Servant Leadership Board distilled your comments into a vision that paints a picture of who we are, and who we are becoming. Notice how intrinsic giving is to this vision.


COS Vision: A family of believers being transformed by Christ, dedicated to growing spiritually, living generously and loving courageously. 


In other words, the acts of living generously and loving courageously are, in themselves, forms of giving, all stemming from our Christ-centered identity.


In the upcoming program year, I am looking forward to walking alongside you, as we collectively follow Christ in realizing this vision. This journey has already begun, but it will continue in earnest with the stewardship campaign, and I eagerly anticipate the joyous moments we will share in worship, and other aspects of our faith community.


In Christ, your brother and pastor


Meshach Kanyion



Important Information

  • Commitment Sunday: Sunday, September 24th, 2023

  • You can pledge in advance online via realm

  • Please contact Melissa Hagemeier ( with any questions

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