The year 2020 continues to be a year like no other. Beginning March 15, 2020, we became an online only church. When COVID-19 began, I was extremely thankful for the ability to virtually worship together through technology, and we were blessed to have so many people join us online. As we have lived into this season, we have continued to find new ways to worship and gather together. Since July we have been able to hold worship services in our parking lot, front yard, and recently in our sanctuary. While we continue to do much of the church work by using the online platforms, Church of the Saviour continues to live out the mission of making disciples.


Living out the mission in numbers: 

  • Worship attendance: Since March, 16,586 unique online views of our worship service.  

  • Word Alive: Over 450 Word Alive books distributed and 181 people enrolled in online/combo small groups.

  • UMW Mask distribution: 971 adult masks, 476 child size masks (and counting).

  • Church of the Saviour and other Montgomery churches, together donated to Operation Give Back: $18,272.00.

  • Youth Mission: 43 students and 17 adults volunteered serving our community and church family.

  • Montgomery Nursery School: 124 students enrolled for the 2020-2021 school year


These are just a few highlights of how we continue to live out our call as a church. This month, we began to gather our youth in small groups at Sunday Youth Group. Our Adult and Youth Bell Groups have begun rehearsals. Various children ministries including Music and Mission and our continuing Virtual Sunday School and Sunday School to Go, have launched. We are connecting with people, serving the community, and faithfully living out the call to make disciples. All of this is possible because of the devotion and passion of our congregation. Your 2020 pledges have reached far beyond our walls, truly bringing new hope and life transformation to the church, community, and world.


As Christians, we recognize everything we have comes from God, and we are simply sharing these gifts for Kingdom work. Through our tithes and offerings, we demonstrate in a tangible way our love for God and our neighbors. Each year, we ask our members to commit to their tithes and offerings for the coming year in support of our church's ministry and mission.


We do this for three reasons:

  • All we have is a gift from God, so we believe that giving to God's work is an act of worship.

  • At Church of the Saviour, giving is an expectation of membership. The church does not specify how much an individual should give, but we hope each person will commit a percentage of their income and increase that amount as they are able.

  • Annual giving makes possible: worship, programs for children and students, Bible studies, small groups, pastoral care and support, mission trips, community service, as well as building and operational needs.


As we prepare for a new year, we come to our congregation asking you to prayerfully consider how you might contribute in 2021. Our Annual Commitment Sunday will be on October 4, 2020. We will ask you to make your pledge during this service, either online or in-person. In this letter you will find a pledge card for you to discern how you are to commit financially to your local church. If you are planning to worship in-person, you will return your pledge commitment on October 4. If you are planning to worship online, you can mail back to the church office. We also have an online pledge commitment card on the website here.


You must each decide in your heart how much to give. And don’t give reluctantly or in response to pressure. “For God loves a person who gives cheerfully.” -2 Corinthians 9:7


If you have any questions about your financial commitment or finances of the church, you can reach out to one of the following.


Thank you for your support and faithfulness to Church of the Saviour. God is preparing something new for 2021. 


In Christ Alone,


Pastor Jennifer Lucas

Senior Pastor