It is the calling and privilege of our Youth Ministry to walk alongside adolescents and partner with their parents to train up these new disciples to Love, Grow, and Serve like Jesus now and after graduation.

Our mission at Church of the Saviour is to make disciples of Jesus Christ to transform the church, community, and the world.

What is a disciple? Someone who follows Jesus and whose life is centered on loving God and loving others

How does Church of the Saviour make disciples of youth?

We use a process of learning and spiritual development for students in grades 7-12 called the Discipleship Pathway. Our process focuses on helping students take ownership of their faith as they start to ask questions and develop their personal morals. Through group discussion, service & fellowship opportunities, and connections with the rest of Church of the Saviour, our goal is to provide students with opportunities and information that helps them invest in their personal relationship with God.

Ways we Love and are Loved:
     – Connect with larger church
     – Pray
     – Give of our resources
     – Fellowship together
     – Practice hospitality
     – Youth group activities
     – Teen Choir
     – Teen Ringers
Ways we Grow:
     – Confirmation Class
     – Sunday Evening Youth Group
     – Youth Sunday School
     – Learn to share our story
Ways we Serve:
     – Volunteer within the church
     – Volunteer with local community
        service organizations
     – Summer Teen Choir Tour
     – Summer Youth Mission Trip

With each ministry experience, students have an opportunity to invest in their relationship with Christ, to develop an understanding of and familiarity with God’s Word in scripture, to build friendships where they can be accepted, and to gain a deeper appreciation for the church as a community of faith.

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