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6 THINGS you can do to make space for Jesus in your life

While there is no magic formula for growing our trust in Jesus, I do believe there are some time-tested practices you can add into the normal rhythms of your life that make space to hear and respond to the nudges of the Holy Spirit in your life.

T – Time with God Daily

Spending time with God every day is the most important thing you can do to grow in your trust in God because relationships grow as you spend time together. Prayer, reading the Bible, and listening to worship music are all great ways that you can connect with God wherever you are.

H – Honest Friendships

Finding a few friends who share your trust in God will be a huge help to your spiritual growth. We all need friends who want the best for us and love us enough to tell us the truth, even stuff we don’t want to hear.

I – Involvement with the Church

You may already be plugged into your youth group – and that’s awesome – but deepening your connection with the larger church will help you grow in your trust in God. Seeing Christ-followers of all ages and all stages of relationship with God is encouraging and inspiring. And they need you too!

N – Notice & Serve Others

People are hurting all around us, but sometimes we’re so busy that we don’t see them. If you get in the habit of noticing the people around you, God will nudge you and invite you to serve them in ways that grow your trust in Him.

G – Give to God

Unselfishness is one mark of a growing trust in God. You may not have a lot of money right now, but getting into the habit of giving and tithing while you’re young makes it a lot easier when you’re making the big bucks. As you give to God & others, you trust God more to give you everything you need.

S – Share your God-Story

Every Christ-follower has a story to tell, including you! It’s scary to put yourself “out there,” but when God nudges you and you respond, God’s Holy Spirit uses your words to help others’ trust God more. And you learn to trust God more as well.

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