Dear Church of the Saviour friends and members,


Thank you! Thank you for your unwavering support and participation in our online ministry life at Church of the Saviour. These are unusual times, but you have responded in your usual way – with strength, passion, and faith. Church, you have been amazing! 


The question everyone is asking – When will we be able to worship again as a community? 


There are moments when I wish I was the Fairy Godmother and with a Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo -I could make that happen. However, this past month, our Servant Leadership Board, Trustees, and staff have worked on a plan for strategically reopening the building. On behalf of the Servant Leadership Board, I am sharing the details with you today.


Before you read the (attached) proposed plan, please consider:

· This is a proposed plan. The plan is based on the information we have at this time. Please understand there may need to be adjustments to our proposed plan.

· There are guidelines asked of all persons in the building to follow. Returning to our building and coming together for worship and other activities will require personal sacrifices for everyone.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding.


In March 2020, when the choice to close the building was made, I shared how difficult that decision was to make.  As we are moving toward reopening, if I am being honest, I am finding this decision more difficult. Balancing the need for us to gather as a body of believers while protecting health and safety poses a challenge. Our leadership, along with everyone at home, are carefully and prayerfully looking at all we do as a church. We are slowly and prayerfully considering what and when something is to return. In this moment, it feels that everything has changed, but one thing that will never change (and has not changed throughout this pandemic) is we are called to make disciples of Jesus Christ.  We are called to love our Lord God with our all and to love our neighbor. We will continue to live out this mission within this crisis season and beyond. We are still the church! We are still called! 


If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at jenn.lucas@cos-umc.org  or fill out the form below.

In Christian love,






Pastor Jenn Lucas, Senior Pastor

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