Join us on the greatest journey ever – knowing, loving and serving God! We’re here to help guide you as you begin (or continue) your journey of faith. 

ARE YOU INTERESTED IN JOINING A SMALL GROUP?We understand people are in different places on their faith journey, that’s why Church of the Saviour offers so many ways for people to connect and be in community.  The purpose of a small group is to be in community with others who challenge you to grow spiritually, live out your faith by serving others and encourage one another through life’s ups and downs.  If you are ready for this more in-depth, devoted small group experience, contact us!


James by Max Lucado
Sundays (7:00pm) in Room 119
Leaders: Mark and Leslie Bricker

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Serving from the Heart by Cartmill & Gentle
Sundays (1:00) in the Parlor

Leaders: Denny Billman and Nora Moushey

God wants service to be a source of joy, and Church of the Saviour is committed to guiding you toward service you find fulfilling. Does volunteering for the church feel like an obligation? Frustrated about how to plug into service opportunities? Feeling burnt out by activities you once enjoyed?

We have a spot for you at an exciting 6-week small group workshop — a completely new approach to matching your gifts, characteristics and experiences to meaningful service. Whether you’ve been a member for decades or you’re visiting Church of the Saviour for the first time this Sunday, we hope you join us.

Montgomery Area Group
Monday (7:00pm) at Montgomery area home, 2 minutes from church
Leader: Cindy Coggins

Looking for a group to join? Cindy Coggins invites you to experience hospitality not only in her home, but also in the Bible. She will explore the concept of radical hospitality in scripture and talk about what that means to us in our church, community and the world.  Hospitality is Cindy’s middle name, so of course she is saving a seat for you… along with some tea and cookies!

When Christians Get It Wrong by Adam Hamilton
Monday (7:00pm) in Room 119
Leader: Lora Swedberg

More and more young adults have opted out of Christianity and the church. The reason? Christians. When young adults talk about the problems they have with Christianity and the church, they often name certain attitudes and behaviors they believe are practiced too often by Christians: judging others, condemning people of other faiths, rejecting science, injecting politics into faith, and being anti-homosexual. With his familiar style,

Adam Hamilton tackles these issues and addresses the how’s and why’s of Christians getting it right when it comes to being Christ in the world. Those who read When Christians Get It Wrong will gain a different way of understanding the issues that keep people away from Christianity and keep Christians from living a more compelling faith. Because, honestly, if we don’t start getting it right, we may lose an entire generation.

Sermon Series Group

Tuesday (7:00pm) in the Library
Leader: Les Sper

Take the sermons to a deeper level and join this group as they use questions from the Serendipity Bible to enhance their discussion about the weekly scripture readings found in the Sunday Bulletin. They meet every Tuesday evening and are very welcoming to new participants!


Yearning to Know God’s Will by Danny E. Morris
Two Classes on Wednesday Evenings
5:45pm and again at 7:15pm
Leader: Jan Heller in Room 119

A desire to know the will of God is, as it should be, the top priority of any serious Christian. But how are you to find out what God’s will is? Who hasn’t agonized, questioned, and then doubted and questioned again? Join us as we learn about the nature of spiritual discernment, discernment for the individual, spiritual intuition, ways in which God communicates with believers, and discernment as a spiritual gift. This group of welcoming women ready to welcome new people… join them in their conversation.


Converge Bible Study
Wednesday (10:00am) Library
Leaders: Mary Jane Sper and Mary Ann Bell

From the road to Damascus to the sun-drenched lands of modern-day Greece and Turkey to a Roman prison, we will follow the journeys of Paul in this four-week study about Christianity’s greatest teacher and missionary. You’ll see exactly where some of the most dramatic events in the spread of Christianity took place, and likely gain a better understanding of Paul’s missionary travels than if you had covered the many miles in person. 

Entrusted by Beth Moore
Wednesday (6:00 pm) in the Dining Room
Leader: Christina Guggenberger

We were never meant to take this journey of faith alone or in secret. God has entrusted us with the great and mighty gift of the gospel, something too precious and life-giving to keep to ourselves. Join this welcoming group as they explore how to further His kingdom by sharing Christ with others, and pour into future generations just as Paul once mentored Timothy.
Because in this journey of joy and hardship, we need each other to stay the course and live lives of faithfulness.

Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World by Joanna Weaver
Mom’s Book Study
Wednesday (10:00am) in the Church Parlor
Leader: Margaret Butler
Free Childcare Available

Join us in the Church Parlor for coffee and great conversation as we explore the book Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World by Joanna Weaver. The life of a woman today isn’t really all that different from that of Mary and Martha in the New Testament. Like Mary, you long to sit at the Lord’s feet…but the daily demands of a busy world just won’t leave you alone. Like Martha, you love Jesus and really want to serve him…yet you struggle with weariness, resentment, and feelings of inadequacy.  Then comes Jesus, and he extends the same invitation he issued long ago to the two sisters of Bethany. Tenderly He invites you to find intimacy that flows naturally into service for Him.


Why? by Adam Hamilton
Thursday (10:00am) in Room 119
Leader: Margaret Butler

Where is God when tragedy and suffering strike? When the ground shakes, and a poor nation’s economy is destroyed; when the waters rise, washing away a community’s hopes and dreams; when a child suffers neglect and abuse; when violence tears apart nations where is God? If God is all powerful, and if each one of us is a beloved child of God, then how can God allow tragedy and suffering to mar his creation?

Join us as we explore these tough questions and look at these options: God will not take away our free will, even when we use it to grieve him. God will never abandon us, especially during our suffering. While, God is not the author of suffering, God will bring blessing out of tragedy. Intrigued? Then stop by and see “Why?”!


The Dangerous Duty of Delight by John Piper
Wednesday (6:00pm) Conference Room
Leaders: Nick VanHorn and Graham Rouse

These welcoming men have saved a seat for you! Join them in this new study where they will discuss the importance of strengthening your relationship with your Creator by enjoying Him and His creation.

This book is filled with biblical reasons for living a life of celebration, this life-changing read helps you discover not only why but how to delight more fully in the Lord.


Forgotten God by Francis Chan
Tuesday (11:30am) Room 119
Leader: Bruce Burns

In Forgotten God, we will seek to understand, embrace, and follow the Holy Spirit’s direction in our lives. In the name of the Father, the Son, and … the Holy Spirit. We pray in the name of all three, but how often do we live with an awareness of only the first two? As Jesus ascended into heaven, He promised to send the Holy Spirit—the Helper—so that we could be true and living witnesses for Christ. Unfortunately, today’s church has admired the gift but neglected to open it.

Author Francis Chan rips away paper and bows to get at the true source of the church’s power—the Holy Spirit. Chan contends that we’ve ignored the Spirit for far too long, and we are reaping the disastrous results. Through scriptural support and compelling narrative form Chan’s invitation to stop and remember the One we’ve forgotten, the Spirit of the living God.


Upper Room Devotional
Wednesday (7:00 am) Parlor
Leader: Les Sper

This group of men meet at 7 a.m. every Wednesday for Bible Study and fellowship in the church parlor. The first Wednesday of the month they meet at Bob Evans for breakfast.  They will be pleased to have you join them.


Men’s Spiritual Accountability Group
Wednesday (6:20 am) Dining Room
Leader: Stefan Densmore

This group uses Wesley’s 21 questions as a format, they meet Wednesday mornings to address three areas of continuing struggle revealed in our daily questions, and work toward healthy spiritual development. Meetings are one hour, beginning and ending promptly at the designated times.
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The information on this site is the property of Church of the Saviour. No broadcasting or duplication of any sermons allowed without permission from Church of the Saviour.


The information on this site is the property of Church of the Saviour. No broadcasting or duplication of any sermons allowed without permission from Church of the Saviour.