Join us on the greatest journey ever – knowing, loving and serving God! We’re here to help guide you as you begin (or continue) your journey of faith. 


We understand people are in different places on their faith journey, that’s why Church of the Saviour offers so many ways for people to connect and be in community.  The purpose of a small group is to be in community with others who challenge you to grow spiritually, live out your faith by serving others and encourage one another through life’s ups and downs.  If you are ready for this more in-depth, devoted small group experience, contact us! 
November Updates:
Tis the Season? I know, I know, it seems early!  Your pumpkins are still carved by your front door and the Thanksgiving meal has yet to be planned, but just around the corner is Advent and I don’t want you to miss out!  This year’s study,

Under Wraps by Jessica LaGrone is special and it talks about four powerful words:  Expectant. Dangerous. Jealous. Faithful. These are the themes used in the Old Testament to describe the layers of God’s character, but then Jesus—God under wraps—took on human flesh and came to live among us to reveal to us what God is really like. Under Wraps will show us what can be found when we open the true gift of Christmas.  

Intrigued?  Then join in the conversation as our church “unwraps” the miracle of Christ’s birth.

Classes forming with different start dates and times, find a welcoming group below:

Starts 11/2 10:00am Thursday Mornings in Room 119

Starts 11/6 7:00pm Monday Evenings in Montgomery area home (5 minutes from church)

Starts 11/28 7:00 pm Tuesday Evenings in the Library

Starts 11/29 6:00pm Wednesday Evenings in Room 119 (Women’s Group)

Starts 11/30 7:00pm Thursday Evenings in the Conference Room

Starts 11/29 6:00pm Wednesday Evenings in the Conference Room (Women’s Group)

Starts 12/3 9:40am Sunday School in the Conference Room

Starts 12/3 9:40am Sunday School in Room 119

Starts 12/3 9:40am Sunday School in the Chapel

Starts 12/10 7:00pm Sunday Evenings in Room 119

Books, sign-ups and information will be available between services in Fellowship Hall or contact:  (513)791-3142 ext. 27 

Adult Sunday School

9:40 am Sunday Mornings
Explorer Class  (Topic TBD)
Leader: Dave Smith in the Chapel

Seeker Class (Not a Fan by Kyle Idleman)
Leaders: Denny Billman/Cliff Hern in Room 119

Cornerstone Class (Deeper Connections: The Prayers of Jesus)
Leaders: Mary Jane Sper/Nora Moushey/Starla Clark in the Conference Room

11:00 am Sunday Mornings:

Builders Class (The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel)
Leader: Andy Sweeney and Herb Stapleton in the Parlor

11:00 am Encounters Class (The Reason for God by Timothy Keller)
Leader: Kirk Page in Room 119

Sermon Series Studies

All groups below welcome you to discuss the daily scriptures and questions found in the Sunday bulletin.  Join them as they take the Sunday Sermon to a deeper level and find ways to connect it to their lives and make great friends in the process.

Tuesday (7:00 pm) Library
All Adults Welcome
Leader: Les Sper
This group uses questions from the Serendipity Bible to enhance their discussion about the weekly scripture readings.  They meet every Tuesday evening and are very welcoming to new participants.

Wednesday (7:00 pm) Hosted in Loveland Area Home
Group for 20/30’s
Leader: Kristen Woock
Single? Newly married?  Nesting with a new baby?  We’d love to get to know you as we connect through the weekly study of God’s word.  We meet in a home in Loveland, call the church for directions.

The Call 
by Adam Hamilton
Monday (7:00 pm) Room 119
Leader: Laura Swedberg
Want a fresh start?  Then join this new group with a new study… they will save a seat for you! From the road to Damascus to the sun-drenched lands of modern-day Greece and Turkey to a Roman prison, we will follow the journeys of Paul in this six-week study about Christianity’s greatest teacher and missionary. You’ll see exactly where some of the most dramatic events in the spread of Christianity took place, and likely gain a better understanding of Paul’s missionary travels than if you had covered the many miles in person. 

The Call
by Adam Hamilton
Sunday (7:00 pm) Room 119
Leaders: Mark/Leslie Bricker
This group is already in the process of studying The Call (see above).  They welcome any adult but particularly those who have a heart to serve.  They meet twice a month to study and once a month to be of service in our church and community.

Deeper Connections: The Miracles of Jesus
Wednesday (6:00 pm) Room 119
Leader: Jan Heller
This friendly group of women invite you to join them as they study The Miracles of Jesus. Healer of diseases. Master of nature. Conqueror of demons and death. Jesus not only preached the kingdom of God in word, but he demonstrated it in power through his miraculous deeds. Join us as we take an in-depth look at the miracles of Jesus, we will look at their impact on the lives he touched, what they reveal about God’s heart, and their significance for us today. 
Women’s Group
Book Study on Colossians
Wednesday (6:00 pm) in the Conference Room
Leader: Julie Stewart
This welcoming group is comprised of women in their 30’s and 40’s and they gather every Wednesday to study various Bible based curriculums.  Currently studying Colossians.  Join us as we discover Paul’s message to the church in Colossae and discuss how it applies to our lives today.

Making Sense of the Bible
by Adam Hamilton
1st/3rd Wednesdays (7:00) Room 119
Leaders: Teri Ballard/Karen VanWagenen
This women’s group meets every other Wednesday.  They will be thrilled to have you join them in Making Sense of the Bible which is a fascinating and honest conversation about the Bible. The study begins with foundational questions such as, How and when was the Bible written? Who decided which books made it into the scriptures and why? How literally must we read it? And, Is the Bible ever wrong?

Not a Fan by Kyle Idleman
Tuesday (11:30 am) Room 119
Leader: Bruce Burns
Are you a follower of Jesus? Don’t answer too quickly. In fact, you may want to read this book before you answer at all. Consider it a “Define the Relationship” conversation to determine exactly where you stand. You may indeed be a passionate, fully devoted follower of Jesus. Or, you may be just a fan who admires Jesus but isn’t ready to let him cramp your style. Then again, maybe you’re not into Jesus, period. In any case, don’t take the question “Are you a follower of Jesus?” lightly. Some people don’t know what they’ve said yes to and other people don’t realize what they’ve said no to. But Jesus is ready to clearly define the relationship he wants with his followers.

Upper Room Devotional
Wednesday (7:00 am) Parlor
Leader: Les Sper
This group of men meet at 7 a.m. every Wednesday for Bible Study and fellowship in the church parlor. The first Wednesday of the month they meet at Bob Evans for breakfast.  They will be pleased to have you join them. 

Men’s Spiritual Accountability Group
Wednesday (6:20 am) Dining Room
Leader: Stefan Densmore
This weekly small group is open to men willing to partner in spiritual accountability. We use John Wesley’s 21 questions as a format for daily examine. We meet weekly to each confess three areas of continuing struggle revealed in our daily examen, and to continuous spiritual development. Meetings are one hour, beginning and ending promptly at the designated times.

by Dr. Raymond Cannata and Rev. Joshua Reitano
Wednesday (6:00 pm) Dining Room
Leaders: Nick VanHorn and Gramm Rouse
In a day when many things divide us, what unites us?  Christians have for centuries, found unity and solidarity through the confession of faith found in the Apostles’ Creed.  Many learned it as children, while others only became familiar with it later in life; some can recite it by memory, some in song, but all using the same essential words.  Yet, familiar though it is, do we understand its meaning? We will refresh our understanding of what these important truths mean as we are guided through a comprehensive understanding of the principles contained in the beloved Creed.

To register for any of the above classes please email Director of Discpleship Margaret Butler or click here!