Serving from the Heart by Cartmill & Gentle Starts February 3 Sundays 4:00 – 6:00pm in the Library Leader: Denny Billman This class will help you discover God’s love through the Spiritual Gifts, Talents, Resources, Individuality, Dreams and Experiences unique to you, His beautiful creation.

Take a four-week journey of self-discovery as you learn more about how the body of Christ is intended to function and what that means to each Christian.

This study will help you assess your own spiritual gifts, talents and abilities, resources, individuality, dreams, and experiences… all adding up to an enhanced capacity to love and understand yourself and see the potential in you to serve God and neighbor.

Whether you’ve been a member for decades or new to our congregation, we hope you join us.
Register here or contact Margaret Butler to learn more!
Serving from the Heart Testimonial:

I recently completed the new Serving From the Heart class that Church of the Saviour is introducing to our congregation.  At first, I was somewhat skeptical as I have completed many spiritual gifts classes over the years.  After all, I have done so many different things within the church over the past 40 years, what could I learn?   However, I was very pleasantly surprised at this new approach.  After completing past spiritual gifts inventories it was like, “OK, that’s nice, so what’s next.”  And there was never anything next.  I was left to my own device to figure out how best to utilize my gifts.   The thing I love about this class is along with the spiritual gifts inventory, it also examines our own individual talents and resources, our individual personality styles, our dreams and our own experiences.  When these were all put together, it gave me a very clear idea of the kinds of things I would enjoy and be good at and those that would be better suited for others.   After all, the idea behind spiritual gifts is to determine how I can best use my own, unique gifts to serve God.  I once read the book Halftime, by Bob Buford.  He talks about finding your sweet spot (like what happens when you hit a baseball in the bat’s sweet spot– it goes mile).  His point is that where what we love to do intersects with what we are really good at, that is our sweet spot.  I believe that the Serving From the Heart class helped me to find my sweet spot.   The unique thing about the class is that after completing the class you are asked to fill out a form, summarizing these various components and then given the opportunity to meet with a “connector” (someone in the church) who will help you explore opportunities that fit your gifts and personality.   I hope that when given the opportunity to participate in the Serving From the Heart class that you will accept the challenge and find your sweet spot for serving God.