Prayer Requests

There is tremendous power in prayer. We all find ourselves in moments of crisis when we need others to join us on our knees before God. We welcome your prayer requests.


Active Prayer

Now that Easter has renewed our spirits, we will renew this prayer column as well. Sometimes a fresh start is just what we need for a spurt of spiritual growth. So let’s begin.

The Bible gives us plenty of types of prayer, and we’ve discussed many in previous columns. But one type of prayer is conspicuously overlooked, and that’s the type of prayer that Jesus prayed most often. This is not about the prayers he prayed when he went alone into the wilderness to pray. This is about how he lived his life in constant prayer.

Jesus saw the world through spiritual eyes, heard the world through spiritual ears, and spoke spiritual truths. He walked in the presence of God throughout his ministry. So every time he preached, every time he taught, every time he met the new day, he was in prayer to speak and do according God’s will throughout the day. How do we know? The proof is in his works. Jesus showed by example that we, too, can be in God’s presence to help heal and teach. We can choose to be in constant prayer.

Ah, but I’m so busy, you say. Ah, but so was Jesus. Yes, but I’m a mere mortal, you say. Read Acts 8:26-40.

Philip, too, was a mere mortal.

Philip must have been in prayer to hear the angel, know which direction to travel, and approach the very person God needed him to talk to. And did you notice that Philip was moving during this entire passage—except when he was helping the Ethiopian interpret scripture—and that he never once sat down with eyes closed, head bowed, and hands folded? No, Philip was in active prayer.

And the rest of this story isn’t in the Bible. The Ethiopian went home and started the Christian Orthodox Church of Ethiopia. It was the very first church in a foreign land. Today, more than 2,000 years later, this church has a membership of 38 million people. You read that right. That’s about 10% of the population of the United States! Had Philip not chosen to be in constant prayer, receptive to God at all times, he never would have met the man that went on to start that church.

That church might not have become an influence to so many people. Just imagine how this world might be different today if more people chose to be in active prayer as both Philip and Jesus were.

Prayer is not only talking to God. It’s also being open to acting on what God tells us to do. If we’re just talking, we’re missing the real glory of prayer, which is witnessing a change for the better in ourselves, in the lives of others, and in the world. Active prayer and hearing God’s voice will be our focus in the coming months. Please watch for it.

April Inspiration:  Ask God to teach you to pray with a heart that’s open to hearing and responding to his will. Ask him to use you wherever you are.

Did you know Church of the Saviour has a Prayer Community dedicated to intercessory prayer? Church of the Saviour’s pastors, staff, and Prayer Community will pray for your requests confidentially. Prayer requests may be expressed by calling the church office (791-3142), or by sending an e-mail to