Prayer Requests

There is tremendous power in prayer. We all find ourselves in moments of crisis when we need others to join us on our knees before God. We welcome your prayer requests.


Prayer Inspiration: We know from Genesis 1 that God created the heavens and the earth with intention. He looked reflected on every aspect of creation and saw that it was good. In Genesis 1:27, we note that he created mankind in his own image. So, Adam was both human, as was Christ, and spiritual, as is the Holy Spirit. This human-spiritual being is God’s intention for each person. We did not start out fully formed as Adam did. As infants, our spiritual side is dormant. We are spiritually dead, like a seed not yet planted. Even so, when God looks at us as infants, he knows the beautiful flower we can become. He sees our spiritual potential and wants us to grow spiritually. Read 1 Corinthians 15:35-38, 42-50. To grow spiritually, we must be planted on fertile soil, solid ground. Only then can the seed develop enough to produce the fruit that delights God. Just like the flower is the most colorful and beautiful part of a plant, so are our spiritual fruits the most colorful and beautiful part of each of us. Our spiritual fruits are those that we can use to enhance other people’s lives. Our purpose in life is to develop our spiritual side. It’s our spiritual side that sees heaven. Our bodies are left behind just as the coat of the seed is left behind when the plant grows to produce the fruit. February Inspiration Ask yourself what soil your spiritual self is standing on. Could that soil use some strengthening? Maybe more intentional Bible reading? Bible study? Prayer? Christian studies classes? Pray about this and decide what you can do to enhance your spiritual growth throughout this year. Did you know Church of the Saviour has a Prayer Community dedicated to intercessory prayer? Church of the Saviour’s pastors, staff, and Prayer Community will pray for your requests confidentially. Prayer requests may be expressed by calling the church office (791-3142), or by sending an e-mail to