The Servant Leadership Board is charged with guarding and championing the mission and values of the congregation, strategically aligning our resources to share the love of Jesus to transform lives in the church, the community and the world.  The purpose of the board is to envision, develop, and communicate the strategic plan of the church and to enable the vision and goals to be realized. Board qualifications: Be a member of Church of the Saviour for a minimum of one year. Fulfill the vows of membership, supporting the church through your prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness.  This is a three year commitment. If you are interested in applying to serve on our Servant Leadership Board, find the application below or see Pastor Jenn for more information.



Rev. Jennifer Lucas
Senior Pastor
513.791.3142 ex. 17
Margaret Butler Director  of Discipleship
513.791.3142 ex. 27
Dr. Joe Galyon Director of Worship and Arts 
513.791.3142 ex. 18
Dave Smith Director of Operations
513.791.3142 ex. 31
Nick Stockburger Director of Contemporary Worship 513.791.3142 ex. 13
Samantha Stanford Director of Communication 
513.791.3142 ex. 22
Rebekah Travis Director of Children’s Ministry 513.791.3142 ex. 23
Angie Philpott Treasurer 513.791.3142 ex. 12
Janet Size Receptionist 513.791.3142 ex. 10
Mary Jane Sper Pastoral Assistant 513.791.3142 ex. 20
Jayk Hinze Youth Director 513.791.3142 ex. 13
David Anderson Assistant Music Director