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This Easter, we will be collecting a special offering, highlighting two of our mission partners: Servants in Fellowship (Haiti). They would welcome a miracle offering from our faithful and committed congregation.



Please read this message below from our friends in Haiti:

Due to the pandemic and current political and civil unrest in Haiti, Servants In Fellowship has been unable to safely host teams for over a year.  Our missionaries, Travis and Erin Brubaker, remain in Haiti with their 4 children.  One of our Haitian staff members is Junior Cineas, a devout Christian who graduated from a seminary in Haiti and is close to earning his Masters of Divinity from  a school in the US.  Junior is the coordinator of evangelism for SIF.  He returns to communities where SIF teams have built homes for people and continues to assist them in their spiritual journey, through Bible studies and personal mentoring.  Below is a short report written by Erin Brubaker about Junior's activities.  He is surely the hands and feet of Jesus!  Please prayerfully consider supporting Junior and SIF via a contribution to the Church the Saviour Easter offering.

This past Sunday, Junior and many of those he has been discipling went into the communities in Rue Frere and spent the entire day talking with people, sharing their own testimonies, and giving witness to what Christ has done in their lives. The Friday before they spent the afternoon in prayer. Praying for strength, praying for the words to say, praying for those they would encounter. Many of them were nervous and very unsure of what to say. Junior encouraged them to simply share their story and allow the Spirit to guide the conversation. He reminded them that they were sowing seeds and to not expect a harvest. He also reminded them that when they are rejected to not take it personally. Christ told us there would be those who would hate us as they hated Him. 

We excitedly called Junior Sunday evening to hear how it went. He was still out in the communities! 12+ hours and they wanted to keep going. It was an incredible day. Many, many people heard the gospel and listened to what the Lord has done and is doing in the lives of these believers. Our hearts desire is to see Haitians reaching their own people for Christ. Sunday was an incredible encouragement to us as missionaries, to those who went out in faith, and to the communities that they spent time in. The group plans to do this every 4th Sunday. Please be in prayer for them as they continue to be witnesses to the work of the Lord. 

We were also able to identify a need within the youth in the Rue Frere area. They want to utilize the church for youth meetings but don't have enough benches to do this. The youth are currently trying to fundraise enough for the benches, but without jobs themselves and without many resources this could be difficult. We are working with Junior to identify the best way we can help to ensure they have enough seating to meet together.


You can contribute to SIF and Faith Academy by clicking here or mailing a check to Church of the Saviour at 8005 Pfeiffer Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45242.

To learn more and give to them directly, please visit this link: https://www.sifministries.org/index.php/involved/ways-to-give/

If you have already contributed your Easter offering, please rest assured it has been split even between the two organizations (unless otherwise directed).