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This Christmas Eve, we will be collecting a special Christmas offering, highlighting our two mission partners: Wesley Chapel mission center and Servants in Fellowship (Haiti). While it is unusual to combine two mission centers in one, it has been an usual year, and we know both would welcome a miracle offering from our faithful and committed congregation.

Wesley Chapel Mission Center is a local center in Over the Rhine, they are a guiding light and trusted, loving, safe haven that empowers children and families in Over-the-Rhine to demonstrate Christ-like decisions and behaviors that transform the community.

To learn more and give to them directly please visit this link: https://www.wcmcotr.org/donate 


Servants in Fellowship is our international mission partner in Haiti. Servants In Fellowship continues to provide care to those in need in Haiti, in spite of the effects of the pandemic and political unrest.  Our missionaries, Travis and Erin Brubaker, lead a team of Haitians working to spread God's  love and word by conducting Bible studies, building small homes to replace tents and tarps, giving food relief, and supporting education through Faith Academy.

To learn more and give to them directly, please visit this link: https://www.sifministries.org/index.php/involved/ways-to-give/

If you have already contributed your Christmas offering, please rest assured it has been split even between the two organizations (unless otherwise directed).