Children’s ministries at Church of the Saviour encourage each child (infant-grade 6) to become active participants in their faith, church, and community. We love and invest in our children at Church of the Saviour  because they are the current and future leaders of our church. We strive, every day, to help kids remember that they are loved by God, and loved by us!

Children’s activities include:

CONTACT: Rebekah Travis, Director of Children’s Discipleship

Kids Ark Child Care

Kid’s Ark Ministry provides childcare for organizations within the church and gives parents the opportunity to participate in ministry with the assurance their children are in safe, healthy, and loving Christian environment.  It is our goal to support parents, nurture the children and develop a sense of a Christian fellowship full of grace.


  • Nursery for age 2 and under

9:40 am

  • Ages 3, 4 & 5 (PreK) – Room 105
  • Kindergarten & 1st Grade – Room 111
  • 2nd – 4th Grades – Room 106
  • 5th & 6th Grades – Room 103
11:00 am
  • Ages 3, 4 & 5 (PreK) – Room 105
  • Kindergarten & 1st Grades – Room 111
  • 2nd – 6th Grades – Room 103

Take a look at one of our Sunday School classes in action:

Our Mission:

Partner with parents and lay a spiritual foundation by teaching our kids to:
Love God – Love Others – Show Love in Action.


To provide a secure, nurturing ministry for children where Biblical truths are taught in a Christ-centered, interactive, fun and safe environment in which your child will learn and build lasting relationships.


There is no greater investment than investing in the life of a child. Our staff considers it a privilege and a high calling to serve your family and show the love of Jesus to your kids. We take this responsibility seriously and require that all volunteers serving with us pass a comprehensive background check and interview prior to joining our team. Rest assured that your children are in safe, responsible hands.


November 26
Family Advent Night; 4:00-5:30 pm. Families of all ages (grandparents, parents, teens, toddlers and more) are invited to join us as we gather to celebrate!

We will be making ornaments and decorating a family tree on display in the Narthex. Come a learn more about Advent decoration and what is this thing called a Chrismon!

Drive Through Nativity Events:

12/09: Luminary Pizza Party; 10:30am -12:00pm (Children 3rd-6th grade are invited to come enjoy and pizza lunch and help make the luminaries for this special community.)

12/10: Drive Through Nativity (Actors grades 4th and up are needed; sign-up by December 3rd.) The 5th & 6th Graders will help place the luminaries Sunday morning; look for more details coming soon.

12/17:  Family Advent Caroling; 4:00-6:00pm: Join us for a trip to sing Christmas carols. Families of all ages will gather to go sing carols and bring God’s Love to members of our community.

We will meet at Church of the Saviour; carpool to community location; sing carols together; and then return. Upon our return – Dinner will be provided for anyone interested in continuing to fellowship and breaking bread.

Youth and their Parents/siblings are encouraged to participate and can plan to leave for their Christmas Celebration (at 6:30pm) when we return. Look for more details to come soon!

Other Dates to Remember:

12/03: First Sunday Worship 8:20, 9:40 & 11:00

12/03: Advent Vespers (5pm) with child care for ages 2 & under

12/24: Christmas Eve Services with child care for ages 2 & under @ 5:00 pm & 7:00 pm.

12/24: Children’s Musical @ 5:00 pm

12/27: NO Evening Children’s Ministries Events

12/31: Sunday Morning Worship – Only 1 service; no Sunday school.

01/03/18: Wednesday Evening Activities Resume

Can You Help?

Serving Opportunities for all: Move forward on your discipleship journey while growing closer to God by sharing your relationship with Jesus with a child.


Model how you are traveling your faith journey – Our next adventure is January 14, 2018. We will be exploring the 12 books of History. Do you love Bible History? We would love to have you come as a guest speaker and share your passion with our 3rd & 4th graders. Contact me to learn more about how you can help.

Route 56:

Support developing Small Group connections for lifelong faith. – Help plan & organize activities for 5th & 6th graders to fellowship together and support their parents during this transitional age. Our next gathering will be in January 2018; Have ideas or suggestions of a fun activity. Want to hang out with a cool group of pre-teens? Contact me to help with get the planning started.

God of Plenty . . . Playtime with God

Advent is defined as the arrival of a notable person, thing or event and so during Advent Season we come together to celebrate the arrival of our Saviour. Among the plentiful gifts of the season are the many reminders God wants to be with us every day, in every way. My prayer for you and your family is that you will use this season to move from studying the bible to having a relationship with Jesus by spending some time hanging out with “The Word”.

Two thousand years ago, God gave us His living word in the human personage of Jesus; although the bible has always been true

and yet, we often forget the Word of God is plenty more – it is ALIVE!Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us.” John 1:14. The primary purpose of reading the bible is not to perfect the art of scripture memorization or pick it apart in small devotional chunks. Let’s use this season to mediate/marinate/soak in the living word; let it come alive in your daily life. Try this – pick one book, just one book, of the bible from the new testament to read every day for a month. Just read it –out loud– nothing else; allow yourself to become part of the story.

In December, take time to immerse yourself (and your families) in the story of the Living Word. Make some room for some playtime with Jesus through experiencing “The Word” and joining in the ministry events available.