Campus Capital Campaign: We Need You!

In order to make this vision a reality, the church needs YOU! Soon we will be coming to the congregation to consider a financial investment in this Campus Capital Campaign—with commitments spanning a three-year period. To inform your personal decision and to participate in the church action, please
  • Review the project details and cost projections included in the Capital Campaign Brochure.
  • Join in the conversation—our Campus Capital Campaign will run through September 16.

On August 19th, we officially kicked off our Campus Capital Campaign! The Trustees and Servant Leadership Board have exercised good stewardship in planning for a total project cost that is estimated at $1.5 million. To reach this goal, we are asking every family to prayerfully consider how you will financially support this three-year campaign. Every dollar matters! For the next four weeks, we will take a moment in worship to inform you about the campaign, you will also receive weekly updates in our newsflash. On September 16th, we will concluded the campaign by asking the congregation to say YES to the development, improvement and life-giving ministries to come onto our campus through this campaign by turning in your commitment card.

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The 2018 Campus Capital Campaign